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Is there a CRPS treatment?

CRPS Treatment Arizona

Is there a treatment for CRPS (RSD)? Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) aka RSD, reflex sympathetic dystrophy is one of the most challenging chronic pain conditions to experience as a […]

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Save Your Gallbladder

Scottsdale Gallbladder Doctor

Save Your Gallbladder Gallbladder surgery (aka cholecystectomy) is becoming a more and more common.  In fact, nearly 1 million people undergo gallbladder removal each year.  But is it really necessary? […]

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IUD Discomfort & Complications

Scottsdale Functional Medicine

IUD Discomfort & Complications I recently had a female patient with a 4 year history of severe abdominal pain, shoulder pain and hip pain.  Over the last few years she […]

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Vitamin E – Hormones and Pain

Vitamin E Scottsdale Hormone Doctor

Vitamin E – Hormones, Health and Pain Vitamin E plays an important role in maintaining your reproductive and hormonal health, but much like Vitamin A, it was demonized by the […]

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Overuse Injuries – A White Lie?

Have you ever been told you have an “overuse injury”?  Did your doctor, chiropractor, physical therapist or friend tell you to stop running, throwing or exercising? Well I am here […]

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