BFB-1 & BFB-2

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BFB-1 and BFB-2 are among some of the newer products in the Supreme Nutrition line of products. They describe their main purpose as being used to help degrade biofilms, interfere with microbial communications and to enhance the effects of other natural herbal antimicrobials.

In my office, we are very specific about what products someone needs to restore their health. Any essential oil aficionado will quickly see that many of the main benefits of each of these combo oils do much of the same thing. Although they are both similar in the way that they are antimicrobial, when I test patients, I most often only see the need for one of them to show.

The ingredients are as follows:

BFB-1 consists of a proprietary blend of the following essential oils:  Piper nigrum, Rosmarinus officinalis, Syzygium aromaticum l.,and Origanum compactum benth.

BFB-2 consists of a proprietary blend of the following essential oils:  Eucalyptus globules, Citrus reticulata blanco var tangerina, Boswellia carterii, and Thymus vulgaris.

Overall I find these products testing most frequently for dysbiosis and infections. We have seen them help with dental infections, cuts, staph infections and the common cold. These can be used in a diffuser although most of the time we find that it isn’t necessary.

The BFB supplements are great for biofilms, coinfections and difficult digestive cases.

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