Is Autoimmune Disease a Fad?

Autoimmune Leaky Gut

Is autoimmune disease really on the rise or is it just a fad? The diagnosis of an autoimmune disease is definitely a trendy thing right now in traditional and holistic […]

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Tulsi Supreme

tulsi adrenal fatigue PCOS androgens

Tulsi Supreme is a powdered herb by the official name of ocimum sanctum. In popular culture we often refer to this as Holy Basil. In India it has been nurtured […]

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Heavy Metals & Autism

Heavy Metals in Autism

Almost all people with autism have some form of heavy metal toxicity. It is definitely more likely than not to find elevated heavy metals in autistic individuals. These toxic heavy […]

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Has Autism Gone Viral?

One thing for sure about the diagnosis of autism is that it is skyrocketing. What used to be an almost unknown disorder, is now common verbiage among doctors, teachers and […]

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