Free Consultation


General Consult

We all want a little piece of mind when it comes to health decisions.  Dr. Anderson offers a free in-office or telephone 15-minute consultation.  During this 15-minutes he is able to discuss your current health status and your future goals and help you determine if he is the right doctor for you.  No exam or diagnosis will be made in this visit.  There is no cost for the consultation and no commitment to treatment is required.

2nd Opinion

In today’s world it is difficult to stay up to date with all available medical treatments and options for a given condition.  In order to help patients be more fully informed, Dr. Anderson offers 2nd opinion consults for those who have received a diagnosis and a treatment plan from another physician.  During this visit, no treatment takes place and diagnosis are not changed or determined.  We take information seriously and want all patients to be informed consumers.

Lab Work Review

Do you already have blood or other lab work done?  Dr. Anderson offers a free review of labs.  Lab work must be provided in advance and then an appointment can be scheduled to discuss any specific questions a patient may have.

Schedule your consultation online above or call the office to schedule a free phone consultation 480-242-2536.