Is Autoimmune Disease a Fad?

Autoimmune Leaky Gut

Is autoimmune disease really on the rise or is it just a fad? The diagnosis of an autoimmune disease is definitely a trendy thing right now in traditional and holistic […]

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Before the more expensive dress shoes started coming out like the Vivobarefoot Lisbon, the Ra II was the best you could get in formal minimal shoes. Because they retail at […]

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Tulsi Supreme

tulsi adrenal fatigue PCOS androgens

Tulsi Supreme is a powdered herb by the official name of ocimum sanctum. In popular culture we often refer to this as Holy Basil. In India it has been nurtured […]

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Why Butter is Better!

Butter health benefits

Why Butter is Better! Butter has been my most common prescription for the past few weeks.  Obviously the initial reaction I get is quite entertaining usually.  Even more fun is […]

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Way Cool Whey Cool Protein

While there are a lot of cheap alternatives, the protein that I recommend is Whey Cool from Designs for Health.  It is organic and non-denatured and comes from grass fed […]

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Are you looking for the right Scottsdale Functional Medicine doctor?  Our goal is that you feel and see the difference!

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