5 Quick Keys to Gaining Flexibility

stretching for gymnastics and dance

1.  Flexibility is unachievable with muscular imbalances and compensations Often time’s people complain about feeling tight and thus they try and stretch. This tightness most often comes from a muscular […]

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What is an Adaptogen?

East Valley Herbal Adaptogens

An adaptogen is a nutritional supplement that has been shown to help the body deal with physical, emotion and biochemical stress. They are usually herbs, roots or plants. In the […]

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Ashwagandha Supreme

ashwagandha adrenal sleep

Ashwagandha Supreme is another great adaptogen from Supreme Nutrition. The first awesome thing about this Ashwagandha is that it contains 500mg of Ashwagandha with NOTHING else added. It is rare […]

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Rosemary Supreme

Rosemary Estrogen

Rosemary Supreme is one of my favorite products from Supreme Nutrition! (click here to read about Supreme) Let’s cut to the chase, the three most common reasons I use Rosemary […]

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Supreme Nutrition Supplements

Reordering Supreme Nutrition products just got easier.  Amazon now carries many of the products with FREE 2-day shipping.   Order Supreme Nutrition Products Online (click here)I first heard about Supreme […]

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Understanding Autism – Part 2

Natural Autism Management

GABA In autistic children, brain cells fire more frequently giving excess excitatory or stimulatory effect. GABA is responsible for keeping those levels in check. In school we were taught that […]

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