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Rosemary Estrogen

Rosemary Supreme is one of my favorite products from Supreme Nutrition! (click here to read about Supreme) Let’s cut to the chase, the three most common reasons I use Rosemary supreme is for excess estrogen/estrogen dominance, inflammation and dysbiosis.

If you have read my estrogen articles (here and here) then you know that excess estrogen or estrogen imbalance is one of my most common findings in both males and females. If you haven’t read those articles then I recommend you do, so that you know everything that correcting estrogen imbalances can help with.

Excess estrogen can cause a whole myriad of symptoms from the typical PMS type symptoms to depression and weight gain. Rosemary Supreme helps the body to detoxify this extra estrogen. My patients have reported changes in mood within hours of taking it, elimination of bloating and cramping as well as increased energy. If you have gained some extra weight, each fat cell creates extra estrogen in your body and as you lose the weight, you will likely become estrogen dominant, which is why I always test Rosemary for those that are just beginning on their journey to eating healthy.

In addition to helping to detox estrogen Rosemary is an adaptogen. Adaptogens in general help you to deal with stress and help to balance out bodily systems, not just add to or subtract from. Supreme Nutrition uses many high quality adaptogens allowing the body to normalize and rebalance itself.

Rosemary EstrogenRosemary is also known for its ability to be a natural antibacterial, antiviral, antiparasitic and antifungal agent. These properties allow it to help rebalance the gut flora, which is likely why my patients report less bloating. If you experience bloating it is likely that the unhealthy organisms in your gut are not only causing your bloating, but also stopping your body from detoxifying estrogen. This makes Rosemary a “double whammy.” (Note that while nature has many antiviral herbs, modern medicine has very few and the ones they have create many side effects)

Lastly I find Rosemary helps to decrease inflammation. Almost all modern diseases have an inflammatory component, from asthma and headaches to arthritis. Its anti-inflammatory combined with its immune restoring properties have been shown to help in common conditions from contact dermatitis to eczema.

So as you can see, there are many patients that benefit from Rosemary, but by far the most that use this product have an estrogen type symptoms.


Always consult your doctor before taking any supplement.  Rosemary should not be taken while pregnant, it can affect blood clotting in those with previous conditions and it may interfere with some hypertension medications. As always, consult your physician about your individual situation before taking any herbal supplement.

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