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Supreme Nutrition Takesumi SupremeReordering Supreme Nutrition products just got easier.  Amazon now carries many of the products with FREE 2-day shipping.  

Order Supreme Nutrition Products Online (click here) style=I first heard about Supreme Nutrition through the grapevine. I really don’t love most supplement companies as I find most will sell any product to anyone whether they need it or not and most use a lot of unhealthy fillers and binders when they make their products. Not to mention there is very little quality control. Once I found Supreme Nutrition, it brought my faith back in a supplement company.

The first thing I like about Supreme Nutrition is that most of their products are single herbs. In my practice we are very specific about nutritional supplements.

If you have been around a while, you will know when you go to the supplement isle at your local Whole Foods or Sprouts, there are at least 10 herbs that do the same thing. Most companies throw all of those herbs into one pill and hope that one of those ingredients works.

Sometimes this is the reason supplements actually don’t work, because you may need one of the nutrients in high doses and the other nutrients may actually hurt your condition. Given that the majority of Supreme Nutrition’s products are single herbs, you can know right away if that specific herb is helping you.  

Most of the herbs that Supreme Nutrition uses are actually indigenous herbs used by civilizations for centuries.  Over time these herbs have shown their reliability in protecting individuals from the many varying diseases and conditions that have existed throughout time.

The next thing about Supreme Nutrition is that they quality check every single batch of raw materials that they get. In herbs, quality can vary depending on soil conditions, climate, handling and storage. If the batch of raw materials doesn’t meet their quality standards, they send it back and find a new source for the herb. This doesn’t seem like a big deal until you find out that your herbs were grown next to a nuclear powerplant and that they are radioactive! The powerplant example may be an exaggeration but toxic metals, pesticides, plastic exposure, smog and many other factors can commonly affect the quality of even the best “organic” products.  

Clinically I have found Supreme Nutrition products to be the most effective supplement brand I have ever used and nearly all of my patients have been on one or another as their treatments progressed. 

Supreme Nutrition Takesumi Supreme


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