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Quick Overview

I often use Takesumi Supreme as a gentle heavy metal chelator, for upset stomachs and to help with die-off reactions that can occur as I use some of the other powerful natural antibiotics that Supreme Nutrition offers.  For anyone that is sensitive to everything or can’t seem to get a grasp on their condition, then Takesumi can help them ease into more tolerance.  People with EMF sensitivity also often respond well to Takesumi.

What is Takesumi?

Takesumi is carbonized bamboo charcoal.  It is different from the traditional activated charcoal than you might find at supplement stores because most reports say it can be up to 10x more absorbent than activated charcoal.

Takesumi has been used and well-known in Japan for many years and thanks to modern marketing it is becoming more and more popular in America. Clinically we see it help with heavy metal toxicity, chemical sensitivities and food sensitivities also.  It is one of Supreme Nutrition’s most potent detoxifiers.

Takesumi Supreme can bind to toxic byproducts of fungi known as mycotoxins and endotoxins as well as other emitted internal biotoxins from various other organisms involved in conditions like SIBO, IBS and candida.Takesumi supreme nutrition heavy metal chelator

As the liver and the kidney are the body’s main detoxification organs, takesumi acts to reduce the load on these organs.  Some reports even mention it can attach to radiation.

Lyme disease has many different layers and as these layers are gone through, takesumi can be beneficial to ease the changes and the killing of various microbes.  Many lyme patients are EMF sensitive and there are reports from Japan that say it can shield the body from EMFs.

Takesumi comes in a powder form that is simple to add to water and is essentially tasteless.  Children are able to take it easily as it dissolves and is imperceptible except for the charcoal color.

This can be a product that you take 1-2 times a week with smoothies or other health foods as a maintenance to flush toxins regularly.  For those dealing with heavy metal toxicity, 1-2 bottles may be necessary over the course of a few months.  For certain cases it may take longer. Takesumi has been shown to be effective at binding lead, cadmium, mercury and many other heavy metals.  Research also points to its effectiveness at binding aflatoxins.


A dose (scoop enclosed) equals 1/4 teaspoon and I often have people take 2-4 scoops per day and then retest in 2 weeks.  While it is tasteless and light, it can go a long way in restoring and promoting health.


Do not take if you have been diagnosed with variegate porphyria.  Take at least 2 hours away from prescription medications as its powerful binding may alter medication effectiveness.

Takesumi Supreme is available in the office or on Amazon.com

Supreme Nutrition Takesumi Supreme