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Jumper’s Knee Rehab

Jumper’s Knee aka patellar tendonitis is a big deal to me!  It is what got me started into rehabilitation at the very beginning.  I searched online, saw my orthopedist and PT, tried everything I could find and still had no results.  I couldn’t get up off the floor, I couldn’t go up or down stairs, I couldn’t sprint and I couldn’t play any jumping sports like basketball or volleyball.  So being able to offer this program is kind of sentimental to me!  (please no tears)Arizona Patellar Tendonitis Rehab

What happens in patellar tendonitis and many other sports injuries is that the muscles that were designed to support the knee joint fail at doing so and transfer the high velocity loads to the tendons, ligaments and skeletal system. Those structures were not designed to absorb force at such a high velocity and thus you end up with pain, discomfort and even long term damage to both the knee and its ligaments.

Once you are in this compromised condition, traditional physical therapy, chiropractic, ice, rest, compression and elevation can do little to teach the muscles to properly absorb force. This is why so many people experience little to no benefit from therapies.

How to Fix The Root?

Because the original problem was that the muscles were not absorbing force properly, then the treatment at its root should be to teach the surrounding musculature properly absorb force. By reversing the root cause, we have seen great results in as little as a few visits.



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**Note the Therastim ARPwave Trainer comprises a large portion of this treatment and is used by over 100 MLB, 650 NFL, 200 NBA and 200 NHL athletes.  We are not associated with Evo UltraFit or ARPwave.  We do not use their protocols as we have developed ones that we feel are more holistic, comprehensive and we feel provide overall better results for our patients.