Ulcerative Colitis Treatment – Part 1

Ulcerative colitis is a condition that in many cases can and should be treated naturally but rather than health supporting and improvement, ulcerative colitis treatment often lands people on immune suppressors (aka biologics) for their whole life leading to a life of illness and fear. Why should it be treated naturally? Because it is an …

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chronic candida natural treatments

Chronic Candida Treatment -Scottsdale & Mesa, AZ

Candida infections have been around forever. Females are definitely more aware of them than men, but recently there has been less awareness of chronic candida overgrowth due to the popularity of other recent discoveries such as lyme disease and Epstein-Barr. Can you believe that the internet and media sources get caught up on a single …

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How to treat bile acid diarrhea home remedies

Natural Treatments For Bile Acid Diarrhea (aka Bile Salt Diarrhea)

If you are getting loose, watery stools that range from bright to dark green? Do you have an urgent need to run to the bathroom after you eat food? Then you may have a gallbladder problem. Natural treatments for bile acid diarrhea are hard to find and the condition can be debilitating with little to …

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