Professional Concierge Services

Elite & Professional Athletes

This service is designed for professional athletes ready to take their performance and recovery to the next level.  Many athletes abuse their body for years and leave their respective sports with multiple surgeries and low quality of life.  This can all be avoided, injuries prevented before they happen and recovery in minutes to hours instead of days to weeks.

Price: Starting at $8,000/month (minimum 6 month commitment required)

To book Dr. Anderson, please call the office directly at 480-242-2536 and leave your name, general services desired and a contact phone number.

CEO/Professional Concierge Travel Care

CEOs, entrepreneurs and even stay at home moms are all professional athletes in their own regard. Dr. Anderson offers concierge natural and holistic care at your office or in your home.

The cost for in home or at your office care is 3x the current hourly rate.  Required supplementation is sold at standard retail rates.  If you are outside of the Phoenix Metro area, please call us for additional travel fees.

CEO/Corporate Health Services

Please call the office for details regarding your corporate needs.  Many small businesses and corporations have hired Dr. Anderson for wellness days or company retreats and offer rehab and therapy services to the employees as a special gift to them.

Price: Starting at $2,000

Movement and Lifestyle Training Session

A short 10-minute lecture followed by a group participation natural movement training.  After the lecture attendees have the opportunity to participate in 10 minutes of fun, active, natural movement that is guaranteed to spark life into your company and create more productive work time.  Participants will learn techniques they can implement each day to improve concentration and increase productivity.  (including some of the same techniques used at NASA) 

Price: $1,000

Speaking Engagements

Dr. Anderson specializes in controversial and cutting-edge health and nutrition talks.  If you need a keynote or event speaker that is going to ruffle some feathers, then please call the office.  

Price: Starting at $2,000