COVID-19 aka SARS-CoV-2 aka Coronavirus

(Last updated 2:00pm 3-31-2020)

3-31-2020 UPDATE: Dear patients, there is a lot of information out there. My heart goes out to those who are at risk and those that aren’t that are now unemployed or not as gainfully employed. There has been a lot changing in the last few weeks, but my perspective is still positive. It seems that the more the statistics keep coming, the better our outlook is. While I know that the numbers may look daunting, they are turning out to be small percentages of people that are affected.

What seems to be working in the traditional medical world. It seems as though there are a few MDs that are having success with a quinine product, an antibiotic and high dose zinc supplementation.  In the natural world, while we wouldn’t be opposed to that protocol if you had a diagnosed case, a similar preventive course of action would be a quinine based herb like cinchona (hard to get) or a tonic drink with quinine. Next would be a powerful antimicrobial, which I prefer Chinese Coptis at 3 per day unless you are acutely ill, then we may dose higher at times. Lastly, zinc picolinate is a great product combined with the quinine. I recommend 30-60mg per day of zinc for most healthy adults.

Whether we/I/you agree with recent work/life decisions implemented in each state due to the pandemic, it is a good idea to keep social distancing and avoiding unnecessary contact with others. Stay informed, but don’t trust the media. Stay safe, but don’t be scared. Stay healthy and do your best to get healthy outdoor exposure in a safe environment!


Disclaimer: By no means is this an article to cover the comprehensiveness of the current situation, but rather as a source of additional information from another perspective designed to help the individual, not the population as a whole.  Given that COVID-19 is “novel” or new to us, we do not know its future magnitude, nor can I see the future 🙂 Please consult your physician regarding specific treatment protocols.

What Do We Know About the Coronavirus?

We know for now that the virus is a single-stranded RNA positive virus. This doesn’t mean a lot to the average Joe, but what it can tell you is that it is closely related to the well known SARS, MERS, West Nile Virus as well as others such as rhinovirus (the most common cause of a typical “cold”).   That being said, this isn’t the first time your body has encountered a virus of this type, nor will it be the last. The odds are good for humans on this one as we have a decent history of fighting off this type of illness.

Who Is at Most Risk?

At this point it appears that those greater than 60 years old and/or with high blood pressure, diabetes, underlying lung disease, and relative immunodeficiency are at the greatest risk.

Many of my patients definitely have functional health conditions, but the risk factors are for those with actual physiological changes with progressive disease. For example, if you know your immune system just isn’t very good at killing infection, then you don’t qualify. If you eat too much sugar or meals make you fatigued but don’t actually have diabetes or prediabetes, then you don’t qualify. Lastly with regards to age, I would be careful if I were over 60, but the reality is if you are healthier than your friends, you stand a better chance at fighting this off. The average 65 year old takes 15 prescriptions per year. So someone is taking 30 and someone is taking 0. My clinical experience suggests that if you are taking 0 prescriptions, you may just beat the odds vs the person taking 30.

While I can’t promise you that buying organic produce and exercising regularly will save you, I don’t think it can hurt.

Symptoms of COVID-19

“The main symptoms are upper and lower respiratory distress along with possible fever and muscle aches, and some people experience gastrointestinal symptoms. Some with COVID-19 do not have an elevated temperature however! Very low levels of lymphocytes and high levels of the inflammatory marker CRP are the most common lab findings. White blood counts tend to be more normal than abnormal. ” (source:

Conventional Treatment of Coronaviruses

While it may not sink in, ALL of my patients should know that we don’t have many viral treatments in conventional medicine. Tamiflu is specific to fit into a molecule of the influenza virus. Antibiotics aren’t a catch all, they only work when bacteria is present, not a virus. Sorry, the yearly flu vaccine won’t work here either. So, with that all said, conventional medicine is going to be limited to emergency care related to damage created from the effects of the virus rather than treating the virus itself. (Not to downplay their role, but rather know where the importance lies.)

Alternative & Natural Anti-Viral Treatments of PREVIOUS Coronaviruses

In office experience:

  • Vidanga Supreme 3 caps per day
  • Cistus Incanus (AMG 3 caps per day)
  • Neem Leaf (AMG or Supreme 1500mg per day)
  • Olive Leaf Supreme (6 capsules per day)

Researched Antiviral Support – Licorice Root, more to come

There is significant concern “online” that herbs can stimulate the immune system leading to increased inflammation and possible additional damage. At a very basic level, I don’t use very many “immune stimulating” herbs in my practice. The list above I consider more directly antiviral rather than immune modulating. Products like echinacea, astragalus and andrographis for example are immune supportive. That being said, even in those instances, I have not clinically seen that they exacerbate inflammation in the typical patient.   For example, I use andrographis frequently in autoimmune cases where others say it can “stimulate” the immune system. I see the exact opposite, where the stimulation is supportive rather than a pushing force. All that being said, it can get very complex in these topics, this is why we have natural doctors to guide you in your protocols. Don’t hesitate to schedule a phone consultation. If the question is whether or not me and my family would take antiviral herbs if we contracted COVID-19, the answer is yes with close monitoring.

Cytokine Storm – Avoid Excessive Inflammation To Save Your Organs

Cytokines are stimulated with COVID-19. Sounds scary right? Well actually this happens with all infections. It is important to know that cytokines act locally to create inflammation and thus why COVID-19 is commonly creating serious local lung damage even in individuals without symptoms. CT scans are actually one of the best diagnostic confirming studies that you can get.

More on the cytokine storm coming soon!

Immune Support – Vitamins & Supplements That Support Immune Function

Vitamin A – 6 drops of Ae-Mulsion Forte (Biotics Research)

Vitamin C – Camu Camu 6 grams per day, if acute lung infection use 5-25 grams of ascorbic acid to bowel tolerance

Zinc Picolinate – 25 to 50mg per day

NaCl – Salt (1tsp of Redmond Real Salt per day)

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Coronavirus Hype Or Reality & FAQ?

If I have an autoimmune condition am I at more risk?

  • This is a difficult one to answer as it depends on the phase of autoimmunity. Many autoimmune patients have an overactive immune system that actually overreacts to infection. Others have a suppressed immune system. If you are on immune suppressing medications, you do have a heightened risk and should take extra precautions to avoid exposure.

Is coronavirus going to take over the whole world?

  • The fear is spreading rapidly as the number of documented cases seems to be increasing exponentially. While I do think the virus is going to peak much like the typical flu season does, I am not confident that the testing for COVID-19 is accurate, thus algorithmic prediction models are not accurate. Specialized testing for COVID-19 is not readily available and thus we could be greatly overestimating mortality rate. (It is highly unlikely that we are underestimating mortality rate, though we could be underestimating rate or numbers of infection.)

Should I take Tylenol for a fever?

  • As long as you are within a safe range, avoid using tylenol or other fever suppressors. (For adults, you need to closely observe symptoms, but generally a fever of 103 or less should not be suppressed.) Your fever is your body’s reaction using heat shock proteins to initiate an inflammatory response to kill infection.

What else will kill me?

  • NSAIDs kill over 16,500 people per year when properly prescribed in the US. That’s 45 people per day dying of properly prescribed OTC painkillers.
  • According to the CDC, globally 2,195 children die per day…from diarrhea, which is equivalent to 30 school buses full of children each day.
  • 33,000 people die each year from suicide. COVID-19 will increase depression and suicides due to hardship of those with the least means to cope emotionally and financially.  (Don’t forget to help those you can.)


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