Gymnastics Flexibility

Dr. Anderson offers a free initial evaluation for all Arizona gymnastics participants.  (We are also now offering Skype online consultations/evaluations.)

Gymnastics flexibility training can be hard on the body, but training improperly and stretching the wrong muscles at the wrong time can lead to devastating injuries from fractures, falls, spinal fractures and herniations, sprained ankles, etc.  What most people consider mishaps or unfortunate events can often be correlated to improper training patterns.

The most common mistake in gymnastics training is stretching an already flexible muscle.  Unless you are starting gymnastics at a later age, most athletes are flexible enough.  In addition most gymnasts have strong enough shoulders, hips and backs, but lack the stabilization and control necessary to perform pain free.

It is way too common to train through pain in gymnastics.  Even if you have seen another health care provider, do not think that all angles have been covered. Often times shoulder pain can be coming from the hips or low back pain can be coming from the quadriceps.  Focusing on how the body functions as a whole has helped Dr. Anderson unravel some of the most difficult cases.


It is important to know that there is little to no benefit from stretching in and of itself.  Stretching does not prevent injury and in fact most research suggests the opposite, that it may even contribute to injury.  That being said a gymnast should only be as flexible as necessary to perform the skills required.  BUT, as a gymnast or dancer, in order to achieve certain feats or skills you must use stretching.  Thus having a knowledgeable healthcare provider that can guide you along the process is invaluable.

What Can Dr. Anderson Help With?

Along with typical rehabilitation for common injuries, Dr. Anderson can help with the following.

  • Improved Range of Motion
  • Increased Flexibility
  • Increased Mobility
  • Proper Stretching Habits
  • Increased Explosive Strength
  • Injury Prevention (ACL, Shoulders, Ankles, Wrists)
  • Annual Assessments
  • Nutrition for Gymnasts
  • Lack of Flexibility Assessment
  • Focus Training
  • Etc.

Dr. Anderson takes a special interest in gymnastics as he feels it is one of the best ways to create a powerful and naturally healthy body.