Meet Our Medical Team

DrHoustonAnderson.com is supported by a small working functional medicine team with a unified mission: empower people to live their true purpose through optimizing their health and fitness.

We are committed to produce the world’s most accurate natural health content, supplements, online learning and coaching. We are passionate about helping others to empower their lives and transform themselves in order to improve our future healthcare system and improve the lives of their families.

Meet our small but efficient medical and internet team. They are constantly working to provide the best information and experience possible that you have come to expect from our family oriented practice at DrHoustonAnderson.com.

Dr. Houston Anderson, BS, BS, DC, MS, CNS

Dr. Anderson is our lead doctor of our functional medicine team. His journey into natural and functional medicine stems from his own experience with chronic pain and fatigue.  After trying conventional medicine approaches and seeing limited results he was forced to look for answers somewhere else, in the “alternative medicine” realm.  His journey to eliminate his own chronic pain and chronic fatigue has led him in his journey to discover more effective treatment options for individuals who are suffering and develop his own novel approaches.

A.S.K. & Systems Healthcare

Dr. Anderson is one of only a handful of doctors trained in Systems HealthcareTM and the founder of ASK (Anderson Specific Kinesiology).  Systems HealthcareTM combines modern functional medicine treatment with natural and holistic medicine in order to discover root causes and achieve improved results.

Anderson Specific Kinesiology (ASK) was founded by Dr. Anderson to treat patients by “ASK-ing” the body what is needed via advanced muscle testing procedures.

By using the ASK technique, in a systematic and unique approach, he has been able to resolve and reverse many difficult conditions.

Dr. Cooper Anderson, BS, DC, MS

Dr. Anderson is everyone’s favorite chiropractic expert who loves working with people of all ages in order to help them achieve their goals. He has studied chiropractic, nutrition and sports performance enhancement.

Dr. Cooper Anderson grew up in Chandler, AZ where he attended Dobson High School in Mesa. AZ. Dr. Anderson attended Arizona State University where he pursued a degree in exercise and wellness, and moved on to Logan University (Logan College of Chiropractic) where he received one of the best chiropractic educations available. While in school he was able to serve in multiple clinics where he worked with a diverse group of patients from those with physical disabilities to elite athletes, including division 1 athletes at the University of Missouri (Mizzou). He also worked with athletes at other schools in the St. Louis area like Lindenwood University and Missouri Baptist.

Outside of work Dr. Anderson has a growing family with a wife and three children. He enjoys spending the majority of his free time with his family. When not with the family Dr. Anderson enjoys being active in his community through scouting programs and many other volunteer programs throughout the valley.

Dr. Houston Anderson is a board certified chiropractic physician with extensive experience in auto accidents. You can schedule a visit with him at www.drcooperanderson.com or call his office at (480) 283 – 3168.

Eric Madden – Web Administrator

Eric has a passion for natural health and as such fits perfect into our team. He keeps our website up to date with the latest changes in technology in order to allow the most people to find information on natural solutions to common health conditions. If you have any technical difficulties on our website, please let us know and we will address them promptly.

Lindsay Baxter – Lead Researcher

In order to stay up to date with the latest research, Lindsay provides the latest research for articles and clinical consideration. While all articles are still handwritten by Dr. Houston Anderson, ideas as well as recent discoveries are submitted for his review through a host of multiple sources. Lindsay helps to filter through the fluff and provide only the most critical and new information. She also participates in many chronic illness forums and groups in order to provide information to individuals looking for natural solutions to chronic conditions.

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