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I use metal-free often.  It is great for children who are unable to swallow pills.  The price is high, but I wouldn’t carry it if the results didn’t justify the price.

What makes Metal-Free different from all the other chelators on the market?

Metal Free’s triple bond means its ingredients bind to metals in 3 different ways compared to only one way that is typical of most chelators. Since the peptides in Metal-Free are inHeavy Metal Detox Autism & Children short chains they form a lattice that wraps around the metal. This tri-fold binding provides a stronger union, making it less likely to have the toxic metal picked up one place in the body and dropped off in another place. This is indeed a problem with other chelators like EDTA.

Unlike most other metal chelators, test results show Metal-Free will not bind to the beneficial minerals that are part of the body structure as they are bound and protected by their natural enzymes. EDTA and DMPS can remove zinc, calcium and other essential minerals and cause a deficiency. This worry does not exist with Metal-Free. Other toxic positively charged particles such as drugs, solvents, pesticides and bacterial and viral residues may also be bound and eliminated.

The bones are a reservoir for many of these heavy metals and there is research showing that EDTA Chelation can pick up lead from the bones and drop it off in the kidneys, liver or brain. So tight binding is essential.

Another unique feature is that Metal-Free removes the metals through the bowels utilizing the liver function. It does not come out through the kidney. The bowels are made to withstand strong toxins and are protected from them. Most chelators remove heavy metals via the kidneys and they are easily damaged by the free radical heavy metals. This adds a unique safety feature to Metal-Free’s effectiveness and protects the kidney from damage.

It comes in an oral spray and so it is easy to dose without having to worry about chopping up pills or dealing with powders in capsules or having to use a suppository.

Many people are quite overloaded with heavy metals and when they begin they must use a small dose and gradually increase as they begin to feel better. With a spray dosage this is easy and gives the best results.Metal Free Label Image

Metal-Free is also unique in that it not only binds metals like mercury, lead, arsenic and cadmium, but also aluminum, uranium antimony, beryllium, nickel and tin. EDTA and DMPS do not bind these and so leave the body contaminated.

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We offer discounts on Metal-Free with all patient visits.  This includes prospective patients purchasing metal-free after a free consultation.