MovNat Natural Training For Businesses & Groups

What is MovNat?

MovNat is a brand new perspective on training.  The MovNat program and philosophy is based on actual, real life skills that are necessary for survival as well as for staying flexible and strong.

The 13 basic movements taught in MovNat are:Arizona MovNat Trainer
  1. Running
    2. Balancing
    3. Jumping
    4. Crawling and Rolling
    5. Climbing
    6. Lifting
    7. Carrying
    8. Catching
    9. Walking
    10. Swimming
    11. Throwing
    12. Grappling
    13. Striking


Why Do We Need MovNat?

In today’s commercialized fitness industry, and based on what we see on TV and in magazines, training has become only about what you look like in the mirror.  It focuses on looking fit, burning calories, weight loss and cosmetic and superficial results.

Our modern concept of what fitness is and our daily lives of being trapped in “work cages” have made us lose the way we naturally eat, naturally move and naturally behave as our natural selves.  We often compare our modern lives of being confined to indoors, chairs, computers, cars, processed food, etc. to zoo animals.  Just as a zoo animal is not fit for life in the wild, “zoo humans” are not fit for life itself.

The worst part is that we have become so domesticated as “zoo humans” that we don’t even know it.  We think we are free, but we are not.  Our cages are virtual, most of our limitations are self-imposed limitations and choices.

The Modern Zoo Human

Pull your shoulders back! Stand up straight!  Stand on this wobble board! Use this Bosu ball!  As a chiropractor I have heard every possible ergonomic and rehab suggestion in the book.

In “functional rehab” if you swing a kettlebell OR stand on a BOSU ball OR rotate when you do a lunge it is considered the best type of exercise. But, natural movement is so much more than that.  It is a combination of both functional and practical which leads to natural movement. There is no other training or rehab system that focuses on exercises being both functional and practical (useful in daily life).

Practical movements would include things like squatting to pick something up, climbing a ladder to get higher, jumping over something in your path, crawling under an obstacle, etc. By being practical, it becomes both functional an natural.

MovNat as Diagnosis

If your body is not functional, then it is a given that you cannot do anything that is practical.  In other words, you may be able to do shoulder rehab exercises without pain, but it doesn’t mean your shoulder can support you when standing, lifting a box overhead or help you in scaling a fence.  That is the problem with functional.  You can be 100% functional without any practical abilities or skills.  Just because you passed a functional test doesn’t mean you can lift a fallen log, climb a tree, balance on a tree across a river or run through the forest.

Functional training is supposed to help you do these movements but if you actually train the movements of lifting a fallen log, climbing a tree and balancing across a river, and make note of your limitations, then you truly have a diagnosis of your functional abilities.

From a professional level, it is easy to diagnose problems by assessing ones abilities and physical competence at basic skills like squatting, crouching and crawling.

Converting Yourself to the MovNat Way

“The cure for sitting at a desk is not sitting on a workout machine. It is movement. Animals don’t exercise, they do what is required to survive. Birds fly, fish swim. A Tiger is a powerful, graceful animal simply by doing what a Tiger does. This practical, real world approach is what we have lost, and what natural movement can restore.”

You too can be powerful, graceful, effective and efficient with the proper real world training.  A treadmill won’t do it and there is no workout machine that can train it.  That is why we train outdoors as much as possible.

MovNat Training – Movement Coaching

Dr. Anderson currently offers private or group MovNat training.  Training occurs at local parks or trails in order to give a true outdoor experience and to train the student what true natural movement requires when in a variable natural environment.

If your business or corporation is ready for a healthy team building experience, please contact Dr. Anderson directly at [email protected]

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