The Natural. Not Alternative Podcast – Episode #4

Plantar Fasciitis and Pain Killers


Plantar Fasciitis is becoming more and more common in my office, in this episode we cover:

Why masking symptoms often fails

How and why NSAIDs can slow recovery

Why stress may be the #1 reason you have foot pain

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Plantar Fasciitis – Article #1

Plantar Fasciitis – Article #2



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The only 3 stress and adrenal products I use are Tulsi Supreme, Ashwaghanda Supreme and Thorne Rhodiola Rosea.  The brand and specific product matters. To order the Supreme Nutrition products, call the office. Rhodiola from Thorne can be purchased online.

Ashwaghanda Supreme – More for the person that can’t calm down due to stress.

Tulsi Supreme – For those that still have something left in the tank and may have some hormonal aspects that are stressing the adrenals

Thorne Rhodiola Rosea – Extreme fatigue and high cortisol or no cortisol.  This is definitely the one to go with if you get fatigued from mental stress.