3 Reasons Probiotics Almost Always Fail

3 Reasons Probiotics Almost Always Fail It's a shocking event each and every time a patient enters my office and I tell them that they can stop taking their probiotic.  In fact, most patients have read so much about the “miraculous” benefits of taking probiotics that they almost immediately start to question my judgement as a physician.   So if almost all natural practitioners, naturopaths and functional medicine doctors prescribe probiotics to their patients, why am I the only doctor in town that doesn’t even [...]

Gallbladder – Can You Save It?

Save Your Gallbladder Gallbladder surgery (aka cholecystectomy) is becoming a more and more common.  In fact, nearly 1 million people undergo gallbladder removal each year.  But is it really necessary? The National Institute of Health reports that only 1% of gallstones become symptomatic per year and that 80% of patients will never develop symptoms from their gallstones.  In layman’s terms, this means that even if you have gallstones, there is close to an 80% chance you should not get your gallbladder removed. That being said, [...]

IUD Discomfort & Complications

IUD Discomfort & Complications I recently had a female patient with a 4 year history of severe abdominal pain, shoulder pain and hip pain.  Over the last few years she was able to see multiple practitioners with varied success, but the abdominal pain always returned.  In order to get any relief she was eating a Paleo diet with multiple FODMAPs restrictions.  If you don’t know what FODMAPs are, it means she pretty much couldn’t eat fruit either. Her diet was very limited to simple things [...]

How to Fix your Progesterone to Estrogen Ratio for the Last Time – Part 3

We covered decreasing your estrogen in part 1 and part 2, but increasing your progesterone is also a way to improve your progesterone to estrogen ratio.  In fact, as we have discussed, it is the most common way practitioners choose to alter the ratio. With progesterone hormone replacement, women often see significant improvement within the first few weeks to months! But what I have found is that simply adding hormones seems to backfire over time.  Sometimes its 6 months, sometimes its 2 years, but most [...]

How to Fix your Progesterone to Estrogen Ratio for the Last Time – Part 2

Some History and Estrogen Shocker #2 Part one of this series explained what the progesterone to estrogen ratio is and that estrogen is the problem in 95% of cases regardless of what your lab tests tell you and that estrogen detoxification is critical. If you read between the lines on that statement, then you may have realized that in my professional opinion, saliva and blood tests don’t seem to be as accurate as we hoped they would be. How did I arrive at this conclusion? [...]

How to Fix Your Progesterone to Estrogen Ratio For The Last Time

One of the most commonly used metrics to assess female hormone imbalances is to look at the Progesterone to Estradiol ratio, often called the Pg/E2 ratio. When this ratio is less than 200 to 1 symptoms of hormonal imbalance can quickly arise. E2 refers to an estrogen known as estradiol, but there is way more to the story than just high estrogen and low progesterone. In fact, while I find the information very valuable, what you do with the information and how to improve your estrogen [...]

Toxic Belly Fat and Stubborn Weight Loss

Your Toxic Belly Fat! Think that last inch or two (or 10) of belly fat is harmless?  You eat “healthy and organic” yet you don’t seem to lose much weight?  One of the reasons so many people struggle with belly fat is because it is actually a temporary protective mechanism against disease.  You may find that you get fatter as you age and that they weight is harder to come off, but guess what? That actually may be a good thing for a little while! [...]

Vitamin E – Hormones and Pain

Vitamin E – Hormones, Health and Pain Vitamin E plays an important role in maintaining your reproductive and hormonal health, but much like Vitamin A, it was demonized by the media as being toxic in excessive amounts and it quickly lost its popularity. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that plays important roles in regulating inflammation, supporting heart health, regulating estrogen levels and it even plays a role in supporting the adrenals. Historically as early as the 1930s Vitamin E was used to improve infertility [...]

Vitamin A & the Autoimmune Connection

With the development of novel probiotics, the recent immune focus on Vitamin D and the fact that everyone is afraid of dying from Vitamin A toxicity, many practitioners and patients have forgotten this critical vitamin that can be depleted with illness, chronic disease and the wrong diet. For a moment forget everything you know about vitamin A, which usually just means you think it is good for your eyes and helps with acne.  While it is critically important for those two organs, Vitamin A is [...]

Overuse Injuries – A White Lie?

Have you ever been told you have an “overuse injury”?  Did your doctor, chiropractor, physical therapist or friend tell you to stop running, throwing or exercising? Well I am here to tell you that the concept as you know it of overuse injuries is just an old wives’ tale that has been overused for decades in order to explain something that seems inexplicable. You may be saying in your head, if I play a lot of tennis my elbow hurts, if I don’t play tennis [...]

Protein Deficiency is Starving Your Health

Your Protein Deficiency is Starving Your Health You live in America (or some other 1st world country), there is no shortage of food and yet many people are starving for protein. I am writing this article because I have probably had the following conversation 15 times this month, so the problem is growing. Not a single one of my patients knew they suffered from protein deficiency. Even though my patients aren’t physically starving to death, their health is starving and suffering in search of more [...]

Active Stretching for Stubborn Hamstrings

For competitive athletes such as dancers and gymnasts, flexibility is critical in order to perform at the top levels.  But flexibility and stretching don't always have to go hand in hand.  Often times athletes stretch and stretch to improve flexibility but they quickly reach limits to their flexibility and it can keep them from moving to the next level of competition or effectively competing at their current level. Without getting too deep into the dangers of stretching, stretching can definitely be detrimental to your progress [...]

A New Approach to Shin Splints

A New Approach to Shin Splints Shin splints (aka medial tibial stress syndromes) are one of the most common injuries in jumping and running athletes, yet their treatment has consisted of little more than icing and stretching for decades.  The occasional laser therapy is now thrown in nowadays, but little is done to discover why the shin splints developed in the first place. Shin splints develop due to the inability of the muscle of your lower leg to properly absorb force.  Thus athletes begin to [...]

The Gut-Thyroid Connection

Gut-Thyroid Connection - Connecting the Dots So you are sure you have a thyroid problem, after all you have every symptom on every list on every website you can find. You are fatigued, you’re losing hair, gaining weight, have bloating and cramping and you just can’t get out of bed in the morning. Sound familiar? So you go to your doctor, get your thyroid prescription because you have a high TSH and take it excitedly ready to wake up tomorrow morning with so much energy [...]

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