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Vitamin A & the Autoimmune Connection

With the development of novel probiotics, the recent immune focus on Vitamin D and the fact that everyone is afraid of dying from Vitamin A toxicity, many practitioners and patients have forgotten this critical vitamin that can be depleted with illness, chronic disease and the wrong diet. For a moment forget everything you know about vitamin A, which usually just means you think it is good for your eyes and helps with acne.  While it is critically important for those two organs, Vitamin A is [...]

Overuse Injuries – A White Lie?

Have you ever been told you have an “overuse injury”?  Did your doctor, chiropractor, physical therapist or friend tell you to stop running, throwing or exercising? Well I am here to tell you that the concept as you know it of overuse injuries is just an old wives’ tale that has been overused for decades in order to explain something that seems inexplicable. You may be saying in your head, if I play a lot of tennis my elbow hurts, if I don’t play tennis [...]

Protein Deficiency is Starving Your Health

Your Protein Deficiency is Starving Your Health You live in America (or some other 1st world country), there is no shortage of food and yet many people are starving for protein. I am writing this article because I have probably had the following conversation 15 times this month, so the problem is growing. Not a single one of my patients knew they suffered from protein deficiency. Even though my patients aren’t physically starving to death, their health is starving and suffering in search of more [...]

Active Stretching for Stubborn Hamstrings

For competitive athletes such as dancers and gymnasts, flexibility is critical in order to perform at the top levels.  But flexibility and stretching don't always have to go hand in hand.  Often times athletes stretch and stretch to improve flexibility but they quickly reach limits to their flexibility and it can keep them from moving to the next level of competition or effectively competing at their current level. Without getting too deep into the dangers of stretching, stretching can definitely be detrimental to your progress [...]

A New Approach to Shin Splints

A New Approach to Shin Splints Shin splints (aka medial tibial stress syndromes) are one of the most common injuries in jumping and running athletes, yet their treatment has consisted of little more than icing and stretching for decades.  The occasional laser therapy is now thrown in nowadays, but little is done to discover why the shin splints developed in the first place. Shin splints develop due to the inability of the muscle of your lower leg to properly absorb force.  Thus athletes begin to [...]

The Gut-Thyroid Connection

Gut-Thyroid Connection - Connecting the Dots So you are sure you have a thyroid problem, after all you have every symptom on every list on every website you can find. You are fatigued, you’re losing hair, gaining weight, have bloating and cramping and you just can’t get out of bed in the morning. Sound familiar? So you go to your doctor, get your thyroid prescription because you have a high TSH and take it excitedly ready to wake up tomorrow morning with so much energy [...]

Estrogen and Histamine Intolerance (The Hidden Link)

Estrogen the Hidden Link to Histamine Intolerance & Allergies Do you have headaches, anxiety, insomnia, brain fog or seasonal allergies? These are some of the common symptoms of histamine intolerance.  As I discussed in my previous article on histamine intolerance, two of the major reasons someone experiences histamine intolerance is due to gut infection and/or food allergies. There is a 3rd reason that is becoming more and more common as to why so many people are beginning to develop histamine intolerance, its ESTROGEN! Estrogen obviously [...]

Fibromyalgia Treatment

Fibromyalgia Treatment Fibromyalgia treatment is complicated, end of story.  Why is it so complicated? Because no two people experience fibromyalgia the same.  The symptoms of fibromyalgia can vary greatly and even the diagnosis is one of my least favorites because it doesn’t tell you what exactly is going on in your body, but rather simply that you have a lot of symptoms going on with widespread pain being the most common or problematic.  In fact there is no real lab test that is considered widely [...]

Adrenal Fatigue – A Poisoning Problem

Are you tired in the morning, more tired in the afternoon, can’t hardly stay awake, feel tired but still can't fall asleep at night, easily agitated, can’t calm down after an argument, incessantly worrying, etc.?  These are all signs of adrenal fatigue.  I see it every day, patients come into the office after seeing multiple other practitioners wondering why they just can’t seem to feel better and have more energy. I know the feelings all too well.  Adrenal fatigue is something that plagued me for [...]

Natural Interstitial Cystitis Remedies

Natural Interstitial Cystitis Remedies - Part 2 In part 1 of this I covered a few of the very important things that we know about interstitial cystitis.  In part 2 we will cover some of the interstitial cystitis remedies that are available. I also mentioned that this is a multi-factorial condition meaning it is not treatable without addressing multiple contributing factors.  There is no single drug or herb that makes it go away, but the healthier a person is, the more likely it can go into [...]

Natural Interstitial Cystitis Treatment & Relief

Natural Interstitial Cystitis & Painful Bladder Treatment Interstitial cystitis is a common condition most frequently found in females and it typically leaves many women with more questions than answers.  According to some research it affects up to 6.5% of females although many of those cases go undiagnosed. The most common medical option to treat interstitial cystitis is to prescribe Elmiron, but that of course comes with many side effects and works for less than 38% of women.  Not to mention that we don’t really know [...]

Wim Hof Method AZ – Review and Reflection

If you think I am crazy for choosing to jump in an ice filled bath of water at near freezing temperatures, you are wrong.  No different than the average joe, after I signed up for this once in a lifetime, 3-day weekend seminar, I frequently thought to myself, “Why am I doing this?“  After all, I absolutely hate the cold as much as anyone I know.  I only made it 1 day in swim team as a child because the water was too cold – [...]

Autism and Ammonia – Exciting!

Autism & Ammonia – Exciting! I recently wrote an article entitled Stinky People & Odor Sensitivities.  It covers the basics of ammonia toxicity and detoxification of ammonia. While it may be a humorous title, in the average person ammonia can wreak havoc.  When additionally combined with ASD it can be even more problematic.  I wanted to cover a little more in detail some of the nuances that exist in the ASD adult or child that may be affected by elevated ammonia. For ammonia toxicity basics along with [...]

Sensitive Noses – Aldehyde Sniff Test

Aldehyde/Odor Sniff Test Are you someone who can smell everything? Do you have chemical sensitivities to smells, perfumes, smoke, odors in shopping malls, etc.?  Do you get headaches from chemical smells?  It could be the aldehyde. What is in a smell? All of the most common scents that we smell come from a chemical called an aldehyde.  Aldehydes smells include perfumes, deodorant smells, new car smell and even fruit smells like bananas, almonds and strawberries. Common Sources of Aldehydes dyes essential oils fabrics plastics fuels [...]

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