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Autism and the Digestive System – First Things First

Often once the diagnosis of autism is made, the first thought that runs through a parents heads is, "What now?" The traditional medical approach is to begin with behavioral therapies. The most popular programs that therapists use are the Lovaas Model based on Applied Behavioral Analysis and the Early Start Denver Model. Behavioral therapy may be an essential step, but I feel that the best first step for any parent, is to take a serious look at fixing digestion, nutrient digestion and absorption. Let’s take a [...]

Bugs, Biofilms & Essential Oils

Due to the great responses I have heard from people on Part 1 and Part 2 of how to make essential oils work better, I wanted to discuss one of the most common reasons I use essential oils in my office...to treat difficult biofilms. What Are Biofilms? Biofilms are tiny communities of cells that grow on surfaces. Biofilm research and treatment is relatively new and we still don’t understand all the complexities of how they work, communicate and thrive but we know they are difficult to [...]

Why Essential Oils Don’t Work & How to Fix It (Part 2)

In Part 1 I covered some of the reasons why the symptom based approach to essential oils is outdated and simply doesn't work in today's world.  Now let's focus on some of the other limitations for essential oils. Essential Oils Are Somewhat Specific Each essential oil usually has multiple benefits and so do most herbs, but they are limited to their specific biochemical pathways. What that means is that it will only help if it addresses the thing that you are actually in need of. To [...]

Why Essential Oils Don’t Work & How to Fix It (Part 1)

That’s right, essential oils, herbs, supplements and all natural remedies don’t work….most of the time. Deep down, you know this is true as you see so many people turning to modern medicine, aka pills. If natural remedies like essential oils work so well, then why are there so many people in need of medicine?  For essential oils, if they work so well, then why do you need so many bottles and so many products? I had to single out essential oils because they are the [...]

Got Pain? 3 Super Common Problems

Got Pain? Many people do, in fact it is one of the most common reasons you might go to the doctor. Nobody really likes being in pain, especially chronic pain, but it is a necessary evil to tell the brain about an injury and also to tell the brain and the rest of the body to go and repair any damage. There is so much pain, that Advil is the #1 grossing over-the-counter drug on the market. In the prescription painkiller market, which refers to [...]

Athletes and Specialists – A Good Combination?

Athletes often get past their primary care doctor and are quickly moved to a specialist. But...is seeing a specialist the best way to recover and perform better? Whether you are an elite athlete or simply a weekend warrior, most of us have at some time have felt that seeing a “specialist” is the better or the best way to treat a sports injury or improve our performance and health. You may be surprised to find out that by choosing the specialist route, you could be choosing the slow [...]

5 Quick Keys to Gaining Flexibility

1.  Flexibility is unachievable with muscular imbalances and compensations Often time’s people complain about feeling tight and thus they try and stretch. This tightness most often comes from a muscular imbalance. In my office I deal with muscle imbalances in every visit, often testing over 60 muscles to determine which muscles are out of balance and more importantly which muscles are just compensating and hiding the real problem. Compensations can occur for many reasons, but commonly they begin from avoiding pain or a previous injury.  [...]

What is an Adaptogen?

An adaptogen is a nutritional supplement that has been shown to help the body deal with physical, emotion and biochemical stress. They are usually herbs, roots or plants. In the United States, as we went away from natural remedies, we moved away from many of our native herbs and spices, but across the world adaptogens are used in Ayurvedic Medicine, Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as Native American medicine. Adaptogens have been used in athletes to decrease stress (think Soviet Union) for many [...]

Hormonal Migraine Treatment & Remedies

Are Your Migraines Hormonal? Did you know that women are 3 times more likely to suffer from a migraine than men? Yes, over one-third of women will get migraines during their reproductive years and over 75% happen at ovulation or near the end of their cycle! Even though migraines are becoming more and more common in both women and men, it is definitely not a normal thing to have migraines. If you suffer from migraines it is a clear sign that you need to get [...]

High Blood Pressure – What is your body telling you?

HYPERTENSION - #1 MISTREATED CONDITION According to an Essentials of Family Medicine, 5th Edition (2007), hypertension is the MOST common condition seen in a general family practice. It beats out colds, sinus problems, sore throats, bronchitis, asthma and ear infections. To most people we just call it “high blood pressure.” Over 90% of hypertension is diagnosed as “primary” or “idiopathic”. This means that we don’t know why or how you got it, you just have it. Often times genetics is blamed, which fails to appreciate [...]

What Your Doctor Never Told You About Your Allergies

Allergies is a common topic that is so complicated, the average person either can’t understand without a biology degree or they don’t care enough to spend the time learning. I am going to try and break it down enough that you can understand what an “allergy” is and know enough of how the immune system works to be able to make changes and informed decisions with regards to your own health. The basic concept is that there are antibodies (aka immunoglubulins or simply proteins) in [...]

It Might NOT Be A Thyroid Problem

Given the prevalence of thyroid disorders today, if you think you have a thyroid problem, you probably do have an under functioning thyroid gland.  Or at a minimum you likely are experiencing the feeling of poor thyroid hormone function. Surprisingly though, more often than not, your thyroid problem is not a true thyroid issue but rather a consequence of other processes that have gone awry in the body. Some of the common symptoms of a thyroid disorder include weight gain, dry skin, constipation, irregular menstruation, [...]

Understanding Autism – Part 2

GABA In autistic children, brain cells fire more frequently giving excess excitatory or stimulatory effect. GABA is responsible for keeping those levels in check. In school we were taught that the brain is always going, going, going (in all people) and that GABA is the brake pedal. GABA is actually the only chemical (neuropeptide) in the brain that slows it down. Drugs that decrease GABA’s effectiveness can actually create autistic behaviors in non-autistic individuals. Autistic children given secretin showed improved eye contact, speech and attention. [...]

What causes Estrogen Dominance?

When asking what causes estrogen dominance, the most common answer you may hear is that it is because of much estrogen or not enough progesterone. If you read Part 1 , that description really only describes what the condition is, not what actually causes a bad estrogen to progesterone ratio. In other conditions, I see this all the time; people say they have diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis or attention deficit disorder. While the diagnosis is correct, the diagnosis should be just the beginning of the process. [...]

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