Joint Repair Neuro Challenge

What does it test for?

It assesses the availability of essential chemicals and nutrients for the repair of joints and cartilage.

What is the test?

The manual muscle test response is assessed when a patient is exposed to chondroitin sulfate.  Chondroitin sulfate is a combination of chondroitin and glucosamine sulfate processes in the body and this gives us a picture of sulfur and glucose metabolism in your body.  If necessary, the patient is then checked to see whether sulfur or glucose is the main issue and nutrients are supplied to support the proper process in the body.

What does it mean?

Degeneration of joints is an increasingly common phenomenon in the world today.  I find joint health to be most largely affected by joint nutrition (inflammation, chemistry, etc.) and also movement.

With regards to this neurological challenge, many people feel a benefit from glucosamine & chondroitin supplements.  The problem is that the body should be able to make these two substances on its own rather easily.  In fact if you have problems in sulfur and glucose metabolism causing joint problems, then it is almost guaranteed that you have other problems that are going.  Sulfur and glucose metabolism issues are extremely common and therefore many patients have joint degeneration conditions.

Unlike you may have heard, we are not all destined for arthritis and joint disease as we age.

I feel the proper way to ensure joint health is to:

1. Balance all surrounding musculature.  I feel the best way to do this is through Applied Kinesiology.

2. Make sure you have proper nutrition for joint health.  Eating a healthy diet is critical for long term health.

3. Movement in natural patterns is critical for maintaining range of motion and joint health. I enjoy MovNat and feel it is one of the best practices to keep joints in motion.

Supplements for Health Joints

If in the above challenge it is determined that you need help with sulfur metabolism, then supplements such as Magnesium, methyl-B12, Folic Acid, B6, Molybdenum and Methionine may be necessary.

If you tested for impaired glucose metabolism then supplements like Magnesium, Chromium, Sesame Seed Oil or Lipoid Acid may be necessary.

A few other supplements that can be beneficial for overall joint health include, vitamin c, B5, B3, Glutamine, Manganese, Silicon, Iron and Copper.