As the leader in advanced functional medicine therapies that are holistic and non-invasive, in addition to our traditional functional medicine office visits, we offer the best therapies to decrease your recovery time.  These therapies are the secret to getting results where other treatment protocols have failed. 

There are hundreds of therapies out there. We have designed our therapies to speed recovery whether you have a chronic autoimmune condition or if you are an athlete trying to recover from exercise. While not required, an office visit with the doctor can optimize your nutrition to make these therapies even more effective.  Schedule a consult or purchase a therapy package here…

PEMF Therapy (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy) 

Unlike any other PEMF device, our proprietary unit, customized by Dr. Anderson is specific to  you. Most offices have the same settings for every condition.  The only differences are how often and how intense the therapy is. At our Timberline Holistic Centers, we are able to customize the protocol to specific tissue types. If you need PEMF for your brain fog, we do one therapy while PEMF for low back pain is a different therapy. 

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PEMF Therapy Mesa AZ PEMF Therapy Mesa For Fibromyalgia  

Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM)

Frequency Specific Microcurrent is another way that we can directly access the brain. Most supplements never cross the blood brain barrier and thus it is difficult to get the brain, your master computer, to re-regulate your health that has gone wrong. With FSM we are able to push the “reset” button on past emotional traumas, concussions, memory loss, etc.  FSM can be used for liver stimulation, kidney support, and other glands such as the thyroid. FSM is part of our comprehensive approach to reversing antibodies in Hashimoto/s disease without drugs.

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Our Brain Tap therapy has customized programs to optimize brain wave patterns and decrease stress.  It has been proven to enhance the production of all necessary brain neurotransmitters for the body to function at optimal levels.  In addition, guided programs lead you to overcome addiction, habits and stress patterns.

To learn more about how BrainTap can help you, click here…BrainTap PEMF Mesa AZBraintap ionic detox footbath


EWOT (Exercise With Oxygen Therapy)

Exercise increases oxygen demand in the tissue by up to 30%. This gives us an opportunity to feed, detox and heal the various tissues in the body. By using whole body vibration in combination with oxygen therapy we are able to enhance healing and restore energy to the cells of the body. 

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Infrared and Red Light Therapy

Light is energy. Specifically red light interacts with mitochondria in order to enhance cellular function and improve energy output. Red light therapy is making a profound impact in thyroid treatment without drugs. Red light therapy works to decrease pain, increase immune function and improve sleep wake cycles.

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red light hashimotos mesa



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