SIBO Treatment (Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth): Symptoms, Diet, Treatment, Etc.

What is SIBO?

SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth is a digestive disorder where the small intestine has excessive bacteria in it compared to its normal quantity. SIBO can cause mild to severe symptoms and overtime can lead to nutrient deficiencies, leaky gut, gas, bloating, leaky gut and brain fog to name a few.

SIBO does not have to be comprised of infectious bacteria, but rather most bacterial overgrowth in the small intestine is comprised of typical or normal bacteria that you normally have in small quantities throughout your digestive tract.

Finding the best holistic doctor for natural SIBO treatment is critical as the options for treating SIBO naturally can vary greatly and you have to pay close attention to progression if you are truly looking for a SIBO cure.


SIBO Symptoms

What does SIBO feel like? While SIBO symptoms can vary, you can suspect SIBO if you have the following symptoms:

  • Bloating
  • Flatulence or gas
  • Stomach Pain
  • Abdominal
  • Tenderness
  • Loss of Appetite
  • Excessive Appetite
  • Diarrhea
  • Constipation

Your treatment for SIBO will vary depending on your symptoms and your SIBO doctors determination of whether you have “methane dominant” or “hydrogen dominant” SIBO. SIBO natural treatment is important as SIBO antibiotic treatment can lead to leaky gut and progression into further diseases.

When you have SIBO and leaky gut you often feel like you have brain fog, fatigue, joint pain and that you are bloated all of the time no matter what you eat.


What Causes Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth?

While there are many causes of SIBO, some are easy to pinpoint while others are near impossible to discover where it came from. Here are some of the more obvious ones:

1. Low Stomach Acid – If you can’t eat heavy meals, red meat or you get acid reflux, then this can be the cause of your SIBO.

Treatment of SIBO doesn’t have to include Betaine HCL or other stomach support, but should be focused on getting the stomach acid back to normal so that you naturally treat your SIBO with your own body.

2. Lack of Movement – When your food sits in your digestive tract too long (constipation) or stress is leading to low stomach acid and slower movement of your MMC (migrating motor complex) if your food isn’t digested in a timely manner, you can get SIBO.

The carbohydrates sit to long in any given area and allow bacteria to proliferate above normal levels. To ensure you don’t get SIBO, try to have 2-3 bowel movements on most days. This is critical if you want to get rid of SIBO.

3. Low Bile and Digestive Enzymes – Since SIBO is caused by too much bacteria in the small intestine, it means that one of the control mechanisms may not be working well. Bile acids, digestive enzymes and stomach acid all control the quantity of bacteria in your digestive tract.

Optimizing liver, gallbladder and pancreas health is one of the best ways to cure SIBO naturally without antibiotics.

4. Antibiotics – SIBO antibiotics are used for treatment of SIBO as well as other antibiotics may be the cause of SIBO. Traditional antibiotic use as well as antibiotics in food can destroy good bacteria in the gut and allow other organisms to grow such as fungus, parasites and bacteria.

We find that treating SIBO with antibiotics is often effective for a short period of time, but that more often than not, dysbiosis needs to be treated from a holistic viewpoint rather than simply focusing on one organism. Our clinic focuses on SIBO herbal treatment and natural remedies for SIBO.

5. Low Immune Function – Stress, autoimmune conditions, hormone imbalance, blood sugar issue and medications can all take a toll on the immune system. If you are trying to keep your SIBO treatment natural, a focus on immune support can keep SIBO from coming back and should be part of your SIBO treatment plan.

6. Food Poisoning – Food poisoning is the #1 cause of dysbiosis or intestinal inflammation. We are exposed to many bacteria, parasites and viruses each day, even if we are eating organic vegetables. We are all familiar with how horrible our gut feels when we have food poisoning at a restaurant.

These toxins in poisonous bacteria destroy our gut lining and attack our immune system. This results in post-infectious IBS and SIBO. Contrary to common belief, not all food poisoning goes away on its own and many SIBO treatments fail to address other types of food poising other than e. coli.


Hydrogen Dominant SIBO Treatment

Hydrogen producing bacteria live in both the large intestine and the small intestine. In general, more of them live in the large intestine than the small. When hydrogen producing bacteria move from the large to small intestine, this is SIBO.

While there should be hydrogen producing bacteria in the small intestine, SIBO (small intestine overgrowth) means exactly what it says, too much in the small intestine. This can happen with other organisms too like fungus, which is termed SIFO (small intestine fungal overgrowth)


Methane Dominant SIBO Treatment

There are also methane producing bacteria that live in the small intestine called methanogens. The most common methane producing organism that we know of now is methanobrevibacter smithii.

Given that current SIBO testing only tests for hydrogen and methane, there is still a huge potential for improvement in diagnosis SIBO with other bacteria that can be involved.


SIBO Treatment Didn’t Work?

As mentioned before, bacteria or SIBO isn’t the only possible overgrowth in the small intestine. Fungi, such as candida albicans is often missed. There are many species of yeast that live in and on the body. You can read my article on SIFO treatment for more information.


Does SIBO Cause IBS?

Yes, all day everyday! Without being too cynical, let’s talk about testing for SIBO for a second. If you look at the the image below, you will see that up to 54% of people with IBS had SIBO! That’s a 50% chance.

So if you have IBS and haven’t treated for SIBO yet, then you are missing 1/2 the pie. If you went to the doctor and they tested the standard way, then they would only find 23% of IBS associated with SIBO.

Based upon clinical testing, I suggest that even the SIBO breath test still misses even more cases of infection causing IBS. Maybe up to another 25% is going undiagnosed. If you combine that with the percentage of individuals with SIFO, you have pretty much covered most of the IBS population by addressing 2 infections that we know for sure exist in the small intestine.
Yes SIBO Cause IBS all day everydayImage Source: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/28274108/#&gid=article-figures&pid=fig-1-uid-0


Best Treatment For SIBO

At our office we believe the best treatment for SIBO is herbal treatment for SIBO.

Our clinical experiments on thousands of SIBO patients suggest that taking antibiotics for SIBO is not the best solution. While Rifaxamin and Xifaxin are effective at treating SIBO and often include in the “natural way to treat SIBO” by many holistic doctors, the recurrence of SIBO after rifaxamin based antibiotics is about 44%.

In the functional medicine realm many doctors agree that a berberine based herbal treatment for SIBO is a great idea. While there are multiple herbs that include berberine, by far the most effective herb for SIBO is Chinese Coptis. Its secret ingredient coptsine, puts it ahead of the competition.

Grape seed extract is the most commonly recommended on stool tests, though we find it to be less effective and the research suggests it can even be dangerous to the microbiome.

If you want specific treatment for SIBO based upon your symptoms, then it is best to speak with one of our natural digestion experts.


Best Probiotic For SIBO

If you have mild stomach upset or mild bloating, then a probiotic for SIBO may be a good choice. If you think your symptoms of SIBO may have moved to the more moderate to sever, then we recommend you do not take a probiotic.

In fact we highly recommend against prebiotics for anyone with active SIBO. Our unique approach of avoiding probiotics and using herbal treatments for SIBO gives us results 10x faster than most doctors that treat SIBO in our experience.


If you are looking for the best SIBO treatment we highly recommend you find a holistic doctor that doesn’t use antibiotics for SIBO. In addition, discovering why you developed SIBO in the first place is going to get you to the root cause of SIBO in your specific situation.

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