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5-Star Reviews

I went to see Dr Anderson for hip pain that I had for a few weeks. It was so severe that I couldn’t stand, let alone walk. After about a half an hour I was able to get up and walk with no pain at all. He was very knowledgeable and patient with any questions I had. I whole-heartedly recommend him to anyone who needs a good, trustworthy doctor that has a genuine concern for his patients.

Jill E.

I have seen Dr. Houston Anderson several times since July 2016. The concept of muscle testing was new to me. His blend of muscle testing, visiting with me about my symptoms, and his knowledge of nutrients to come up with an action plan has helped me sleep better and I believe maintain or improve my memory. I feel that he is very good at what he does.

David C.

Dr. Houston Anderson has been an answer to prayer. He has been able to help me understand what is happening in my body and how to treat whatever the issue is with natural products, without the side effects of drugs. I feel like I have found a doctor who is partnering with me to help me achieve my optimal health.

Sherry E.

Dr. Houston is a very positive and upbeat practitioner. He acknowledges the value of modern medicine and continues to passionately research and practice the professionalism of applied kinesiology and natural medicine to a level that is uncommon in its industry. Due to his unusual skillset and deeply imbedded integrity we have been the recipients of life-changing diagnosis and treatment. We would whole-heartedly recommend Dr. Houston to anyone struggling with health issues that just seem to never go away or are difficult to diagnose.

David D.

My wife’s condition was more complicated in the sense she was multi-layered with regard to prognosis and treatment. However, the results for her have been the same. Dr. Houston diagnosed each problem, resolved it to allow the body to manifest the next problem more clearly, then resolved the next problem. She now lives a very normal life-style after being resigned to a very difficult body health propagated by continued use of drug therapy that was essentially but slowly shutting her body down. Once again, the medical profession had been treating symptoms while original causes, continued to rage from within, untreated, creating a very gloomy shorter life prognosis.


After 35 years, Dr. Houston spent an hour and a half with me, no blood tests, no stool samples, I simply experienced a non-invasive exam. At the conclusion of the visit I was diagnosed with a food allergy that severely affects the intestines. He gave me, off the shelf from his exam room, one-time supplements to help the process of cleansing, etc., and sent me on my way. Within 36 hours all symptoms subsided and now, one year later, I have not had the symptoms reoccur. The only maintenance has been to avoid the food causing the problem. I am still baffled as to why such a simple prognosis to such a severe problem could not have been found by our current medical professional system!


My issue was an intestinal problem that has been going on for 35 years. I have been tested all the way from stool samples to blood cultures and literally no one has been able to repair the problem suggesting I will need to live with it for life. The professionals I have seen always want to treat the symptoms with the most recent find from the pharmaceutical community without knowing the actual cause of the problem. Nothing ever worked!


My wife and I have dealt with different health issues over the last 30+ years that conventional medical wisdom has not been able to diagnose correctly since the world of physicians and their practices seem to deal with treating symptoms rather than researching causes.