My Top 10 Articles In 2015

Here is a list of my most popular articles based upon how many people read them.

  1. Infertility and PCOS

PCOS is the leading documented cause of PCOS.  This article covers some of the root causes of PCOS and why so many women are suffering.

  1. Autism & Ammonia

I do the Ammonia Sniff Test on many patients, but it is especially important in children and young adults that have neurological symptoms, chronic fatigue, etc.

  1. Interstitial Cystitis – Do We Have Any Answers

I knew when I wrote this one that it would be popular.  There is very little knowledge about IC and painful bladder system available online and even symptoms relief traditional medicine often falls short.

  1. MovNat

Movement coaches are on the rise.  With MMA gyms and trainers looking for that added edge, MovNat training has made a leap to the top as one of the most well designed and most comprehensive approaches to natural movement, mobility and useable strength training.

  1. 5 Quick Keys to Gaining Flexibility

Traditional static stretching is on its way out the window.  There is more to flexibility and mobility than how far you can pull your leg above your head.

  1. Muscle Testing & Diagnosis with Applied Kinesiology

I am glad to see this one on the list and awareness rising.  While there are many people trying to do muscle testing on themselves without formal training, an Applied Kinesiologist that has been trained by the ICAK (International College of Applied Kinesiology)is worth their weight in gold!

  1. Why Essential Oils Don’t Work

Kind of a tricky title, the popular trend of essential oils is here to stay.  The article covers why addressing root level problems with essential oils is superior to just treating symptoms.

  1. Wim Hoff Method Review

Transitioning to cold showers has been great for me.  I will probably write a follow-up on this later this year for those just starting Wim Hoff training. Not everyone it cut out for it and it requires a minimal level of health to even try.

  1. BFB-1 & BFB-2

These are two of Supreme Nutrition’s powerful line of antimicrobials.  People are searching online for these great products.

  1. Why Plantar Fasciitis Treatments Fail

Plantar Fasciitis is becoming more and more prevalent.  Achilles related problems are also on the rise and both have similar root issues.  Stress is a huge part of this.  Whether its biochemical, mental/emotional or physical stress, the body can only handle so much.

2015 was an amazing year, but 2016 is going to be better.  I have a lot of plans including more articles, more videos, more podcasts and more health content!  There are too many people suffering and we need to spread the word! Happy New Year!

Dr. Houston Anderson is a top rated functional medicine doctor with expertise in natural treatments for IBS, leaky gut, SIBO, natural hormone balancing, food allergy and food sensitivity testing. He is a board certified Chiropractic Physician with a master's degree in Nutrition and Human Performance. He provides personalized natural medicine solutions to patients across the world.