Scottdale Vertical Jump Training

Finally a Results Based Vertical Jump Training Program

Vertical jump training has long been one of my passions. It was the original catalyst for me to start reading training articles and literature journals at a young age. For over 15 years I have researched jump training and I have seen multiple programs come and go and there is a lot of hype out there.

Many programs are run by trainers that like to jump but have very little education and instead rely on “Bro Science” in their training programs.

A great vertical jump program should not only increase your vertical jump, it should also provide some protection from injury.  I feel this cannot be done online or by reading a book, but only in person.


Each athlete that chooses to do vertical jump training is first assessed. At this point, it is determined whether or not the athlete is a candidate for the training. This initial assessment is done at no cost to you.

Vertical jump measurements are taken using the latest technology available. The VERT records each and every jump of the training session and tracks progress through the training session as well as maximum vertical jump and most importantly total jumps so that each session can be calibrated to proper fatigue levels.   The VERT is currently the jump measurement device used by USA Volleyball.

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The training consists of 10 in-office sessions and an at home training plan individualized for you. The in-office training sessions will only last 30 minutes as most athletes cannot tolerate more given the intensity of each session. The sessions need to be completed within 4 weeks of the start date for optimal results.


It is not unusual for an athlete to gain 3-4 inches on their vertical jump in as little as 4 weeks.  Some have seen up to 7 inches in as little as 2 months.


I offer a discounted rate of $497 for the training. My hourly clinical rate is $150 and I should be charging over $700 for this program.

Discounts for groups and families are considered individually depending on the time required.


I have developed this program myself based upon 15 years of research and hundreds of hours of trial and error. Much of the research I have based my protocols on shows increases of up to 21% in the squat jump, 19% in the contermovement jump (running jump) and a 5% decrease in sprint times. That means if you have a 30 inch vertical jump and you increased it by 20%, you would stand to gain 6 inches.

To schedule your initial assessment you can book an in-office consult online or simply call the office at 480.242.2536.