My Influences

My Influences

My journey to becoming a holistic physician started many years ago when I was the smallest kid in school entering 9th grade in high school at a “massive” 85 lbs. Obviously this drove me to look for ways to get bigger and stronger.  I remember doing research on everything from what foods make you grow taller to what makes you jump higher.

From my small beginnings as a child interested in nutritional “bio-hacking” I continued to dive into bodybuilding in my early college years and learned many more tricks of the trade regarding metabolism, weight loss and macronutrients required for optimal health.  Still, as I began to learn more, I realized that everyone had a one-sided view of what to do and didn’t take multiple studies into account.  This is when my holistic search really began.

As I progressed, some of the following physicians have taught me much of the necessary knowledge to where my journey as a physician began.

Applied Kinesiology is a technique that can borrow from any and all resources and utilize the muscle test to support that specific technique.  I currently use a technique known as “Systems Healthcare” developed by Dr. Steve Gangemi, which I believe to be one of, if not the most comprehensive system of analysis used today in medicine.

Dr. Steve Gangemi (aka the Sock Doc)

Dr. Gangemi taught me what holistic was all about and how important root problems are when you are treating patients as a holistic physician.  I once thought herbal remedies, essential oils and vitamins were all good for your health; then I learned that just because its natural doesn’t mean its healthy or good for you as an individual.  Its a small distinction, but it makes all the difference in results with patients.

Dr. Gangemi has amassed a large collection of articles covering many health topics.  His two lay-person websites are and

If you are looking for a practitioner in your area, please go to to find someone that practices similar to myself.

Dr. Wally Schmitt

Dr. Schmitt was the very first physician that taught me how to hold myself to the highest standard as a physician.  I remember watching him treat a patient and he stated that if the patient wasn’t 80% better that day, he wouldn’t let him off the table and that he couldn’t go home.  His determination for RESULTS has driven my passion for many years.

Dr. Schmitt developed the first protocol that I learned called Quintessential Applications.  It is a neurologically based hierarchy of when and what to treat. His IRT technique is one of the most important techniques available in chiropractic today.  Some of his information can be seen at

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