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Welcome To Dr. Houston Anderson

We focus on getting to the root of your health problems through the combined us of Functional Medicine & Applied Kinesiology.  Please find many of the frequently asked questions we receive.

Can I speak with Dr. Anderson before I come?

Unfortunately due to current demand, Dr. Anderson is unable to offer free introductory consultations. If you are ready to get started CLICK HERE to schedule a New Patient visit. For long distance patients, only paid telephone consultations are currently available.

How Do I Become a Patient?

Click Here to schedule online (preferred method) or call us at (480) 571-3030 and leave a message.

Given current demand, we ask that you leave a message and one of our staff members will return your call within 24-48 hours on business days.

What type of treatment does Dr. Anderson employ?

Dr. Houston C. Anderson, DC, MS is a board certified chiropractor and chiropractic nutrition specialist with office is both Mesa, AZ and Scottsdale, AZ that combine the latest alternative, integrative, holistic and mainstream treatment methods primarily consisting of functional medicine, applied kinesiology, nutritional biochemistry, functional neurology, and multiple soft tissue therapies.

By combining nutrition, acupressure, chiropractic, and craniosacral therapies with the fundamental processes of neurology, biochemistry, and physiology, he is able to create a clearer picture of the problem and how to fix it.  This is how we define functional medicine.

The goal is that instead of having to hunt from one doctor to another until you find ONE that can help, you’re being treated by one doctor whom has the knowledge of several doctors put together.  While he is not a naturopath, many patients say it is like having a naturopath and a chiropractor all-in-one.

Dr. Anderson sees patients from all over Arizona and surrounding states who have seen many other doctors and have been unable to find help.  Most times the comprehensive treatment allows him to address a missing piece of the puzzle and resolve long standing health concerns.

How Long Are Appointments?

Appointment times vary depending on what program Dr. Anderson chooses for you. We have a variety of services depending on your specific needs. Appointment times range from 15 minutes to 120 minutes.

What type of treatment plans does he offer?

Most functional medicine offices only include lab testing and supplementation in their protocols. We include over 10 therapies in our treatment plans. While lab testing and supplements are a small part of the protocol, we use cutting-edge technology to restore the body to its original healthy state.  This puts us ahead of the competition in the results category.

What are his fees?

Depending on the service provided, individual office visits range form $75 to $497, though following a more advanced treatment program is highly recommended.  Your individual treatment plan is discussed with the doctor and is unique to you. There are no cookie-cutter programs. All fees are discussed before treatment. There are no surprise expenses.

Our patients pay us at the in advance or at time of the appointment, and are given all the necessary forms to submit to his or her insurance company. Please be prepared to take care of the charges before you leave. We accept cash, check, major credit cards and have financing options available as well.  We offer in-house financing if necessary in order to make sure our patients get the care they need, not the care their insurance chooses to pay for.

What are his pediatric fees? 

Pediatric fees are the same as adult fees at this time though most pediatric visits can be scheduled for half-hour visits rather than hour visits.

Does Insurance cover his charges?

That depends on your insurance company. Dr. Anderson is a chiropractor, so if your insurance covers out of network chiropractic then it is likely that you will be reimbursed for his services to the extent that your policy covers. He does not participate in any insurance plans. Therefore, he would be considered a non-participating provider or “out-of- network” with your carrier.

You are responsible for the charges incurred at the time of your appointment. If requested we will provide the appropriate paperwork for you to send in to your insurance company. If they reimburse for the services provided, they’ll reimburse you directly.

Can Dr. Anderson write prescriptions?

No, Dr. Anderson thankfully does not write prescriptions for pharmaceutical medications. Because he is unable to write prescriptions he has been able to dig deeper into root level issues and work with his patients primary care physician to get them off as many medications as possible.

For patients that absolutely require medication, he works closely with their physician or if they do not have a functional medicine doctor to work with he has close relationships with doctors in the community.

Does Dr. Anderson use muscle testing?

Yes, but from what the average person knows about muscle testing, or has been exposed to, the type of muscle testing Dr. Anderson uses is significantly more comprehensive and complex than what most doctors use.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of physicians and non-physicians that are either not qualified to perform muscle testing, or are using generalized inaccurate forms of the technique. Muscle testing, as performed in our office, is a major part of the neurological assessment process.

In order to help you, Dr. Anderson looks at your medical history, lab tests, physical exam findings, neurological exam findings, and other criteria. He uses specific neurological muscle tests to help him understand additional details that fit within the realm of traditional physical diagnosis, and uses that information to help treat the problem most effectively.

Muscle testing, when used appropriately and by a qualified and certified, skilled physician, is a powerful tool that aids in individualized, specific treatment.

What adjusting method does Dr. Anderson utilize?

Dr. Anderson is a chiropractor, so he has been trained on the techniques and benefits of manual adjusting. In school he was trained to detect subluxations (misalignments in the spine) and adjust (“crack”) the spine.

Dr. Anderson has training in Diversified, Gonstead, Thompson, Motion Palpation, S.O.T. (sacro-occipital technique), Applied Kinesiology and Activator techniques, he has additionally taken many other post-graduate seminars. Whenever treating a spinal subluxation or misalignment he first asks if it is a symptom or a root cause of the disorder. By utilizing his additional training he focuses on getting to the root of what caused the subluxation and fixes that.  For most cases, this may mean a chiropractic adjustment is not indicated, although at times it is necessary.

To help you, Dr. Anderson looks at your medical history, lab tests, physical exam findings, neurological exam findings, and other criteria. He uses specific neurological muscle tests to help him understand what is going on with you, and how to treat the problem most effectively. Muscle testing, when used appropriately and by a qualified, skilled physician, is a powerful tool that aids in individualized, specific treatment.

If you are looking for a local chiropractor that accepts insurance in Queen Creek, AZ, Dr. Anderson highly recommends Dr. Cooper Anderson, DC or for a local chiropractor in Scottsdale, Dr. Anderson highly recommends Dr. Jeff Robinson.

Does Dr. Anderson treat kids?

Yes, he sees children of all ages and has provided effective treatments for health issues ranging from the typical child illnesses like pink eye to youth athletic injuries. Dr. Anderson has 5 children of his own that utilize him as their only physician/pediatrician. Holistic pediatric treatment can be hard to find.

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