PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy)

We have more PEMF units than anyone in the Valley! Its not IF you need PEMF, its what type and how much

PEMF Helps Every Cell. That is why there is so much research proving its effectiveness.

With drugs and surgery being the go-to method for treating all illness, pain and discomfort, everyone is looking for more. PEMF is a breakthrough for optimizing the body, preparing it to heal. For years, we have had this technology, but it wasn’t understood.  Now the science is clear. Here are a few things PEMF can help with…

  • Pain relief 
  • Stress reduction
  • Reduction of chronic inflammation (Reduce inflammation without medications)
  • Increased flexibility 
  • Improve energy (Fatigue indicates your cells need to be recharged)
  • Diabetic polyneuropathy
  • Mood disorder treatment
  • Enhanced circulation
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Cellular Detoxification (It gets where supplements can’t)
  • Speed up the healing process (Increases ATP which allows your body to heal)
  • Arthritis symptom relief (Decreased inflammation)
  • Strengthen immune function (Healthier cells make a healthier body)
  • Nerve tissue repair (By increasing energy, your nervous system can re-energize)
  • Bone healing

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PEMF & Autoimmune Diseases

While eliminating pain, improving sleep, improving hormones, eliminating brain fog and improving energy levels are the benefits most of us are seeking, autoimmune disease is much more complex.  At the core of autoimmune disease is always toxicity and infection. These toxins and infections are often trapped inside the cells of our body. This makes addressing autoimmune disease more difficult because we can only get molecules into the cell that are small enough to pass through the cell wall barrier. This can be a limitation to some of the herbs and other treatments often used. 

To understand the benefits of PEMF therapy, think of how two magnets can connect through a piece of paper or even directly through a table, the pulsed electro-magnetic field can pass directly through the cell wall and tissues of the body, treating both the external environment of the cell and the internal environment of the cell.  PEMF therapy is the easiest way to treat inside the cell for true cellular repair. Its instant and doesn’t have to be transported from the blood or via digestion. Simply instant mitochondrial support. 

 PEMF & Resistant Infections

While highly unrecognized in the USA “L-Form” bacteria aka cell “wall deficient bacteria” are difficult to treat as most antibiotics work on the cell wall to kill the bacterial organisms. These organisms are best killed in an energy rich environment. To keep it simple, PEMF aids the body to create the proper environment inside the cell and blood in order to address infections that otherwise would not be addressed by common therapies. Mycoplasma is also cell wall deficient and thus is difficult to treat also. 

Arizona PEMF Therapy For Animals

PEMF is revolutionary for your loved pets. We offer the most advanced PEMF therapy for horses, cows, dogs, cats, etc. While Dr. Anderson is not a veterinarian, we have solutions that will save you time and money. We highly recommend a 6 to 8 week PEMF rental. While animals usually experience significant relief after 1 treatment. Long lasting results come from continued use. In addition, if you have more than one furry friend, you can treat them all.  Email the office timberlineholistic <at> gmail.com

What’s The Best PEMF Machine?

The PEMF treatment Dr. Anderson chooses for you will depend on your specific condition. We have multiple PEMF devices that we can use depending on your condition. Most PEMF devices produce the same magnetic field for everyone and every condition. Their only variable is generally intensity. A few advanced PEMF devices have 2 or 3 different “programs” that you can choose from.  Our PEMF sessions are 100% customized to YOU.  For example, PEMF for Hashimoto’s would be different than PEMF for knee pain or chronic low back pain.  In fact we may use 2 different PEMF units on you at the same time to enhance the specific effect we are looking for. 

We like to use the analogy of a paint brush. An expensive paint brush has little value in the wrong hands. Likewise, even the most powerful PEMF  or medical grade PEMF therapy must be calculated and personalized to get the best results.  Both our in office treatments and our PEMF rentals include doctor customized protocols. 

Before selecting the best PEMF therapy unit Dr. Anderson deeply investigated the following  brands: TeslaFit PEMF, Tesla Wellcare PEMF, Magnawave PEMF, Bemer, Pulsed Harmonix A2500, PMT-120, Curatron PEMF, Bio-Balance, FlexPulse PEMF, Omni Mat, Sedona Wellness, Sentient, IMRS and more…

Does PEMF Help Alzheimer’s Disease?

Its always best to talk ot the doctor about your specific condition, but there is some research that shows improved…”visual memory,
drawing performance, spatial orientation, mood, short-term memory and social interactions.”

On review, after applying external electromagnetic fields ranging 5 to 8 Hz, large
improvements were detected in Alzheimer’s patients. These included improved visual memory,
drawing performance, spatial orientation, mood, short-term memory and social interactions.
R. Sandyk, “Alzheimer’s Disease: Improvement of Visual Memory and Visuoconstructive
Performance Treatment with Picotesla Range Magnetic Fields,” International Journal of
Neurosci, 76(3-4), June 1994, p. 185-225.

As generally supported, a person’s biological daily clock may causally be related to memory
deterioration in Alzheimer’s patients and in the ageing. Synchronizing of the circadian rhythms
using magnetic fields, (this article suggests) could lead to improved memory for those affected.
R. Sandyk, et al., “Age-related Disruption of Circadian Rhythms: Possible Relationship to
Memory Impairment and Implications for Therapy with Magnetic Fields,” International Journal
of Neurosci, 59(4), August 1991, p. 259-262.

PEMF Therapy For Arthritis. Does it work?

Research suggests that it definitely helps! Our experience suggests that the intensity is a big factor here. We use our high intensity PEMF therapy machine in order to address arthritis and osteoarthritis. The research that it doesn’t work with are the studies that only did a few treatments. When dealing with arthritis, a chronic condition, it takes at least 10 visits to see the lasting results you are looking for.

PEMF For Plantar Fasciitis…coming soon






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