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Why Essential Oils Don’t Work & How to Fix It (Part 1)

That’s right, essential oils, herbs, supplements and all natural remedies don’t work….most of the time.

Deep down, you know this is true as you see so many people turning to modern medicine, aka pills. If natural remedies like essential oils work so well, then why are there so many people in need of medicine?  For essential oils, if they work so well, then why do you need so many bottles and so many products?

I had to single out essential oils because they are the hottest products in the health world, but my real quam is with any natural product that doesn’t work. If natural products worked as well as drugs, then wouldn’t everyone want to just take something natural?

So the Real Question Is: Why don’t they work & when don’t they work?

One Reason Is They Use a Symptom Based Approach

The symptom based approach is the approach used by many natural and not so physicians, but it’s an old system and is now very OUTDATED and not very useful in restoring health. The UPDATED model now has us understanding that the root cause of asthma, knee pain or infertility can be all be from any factor including emotional, physical or chemical disturbances.

I used to fall into the trap of thinking everything natural was holistic, but the symptom based use of essential oils is a great example of something being natural but not holistic.

Too many people are turning to essential oils for symptom relief without searching for the root cause!

As a society we have gotten so used to the mechanistic, minimalistic, limited scope of medicine that it is difficult to even picture what holistic really means.

Let’s take the example of the common headache to try and illustrate this! One of the popular essential oils used to treat headaches is peppermint oil. The peppermint oil often DOES help relieve headaches and if your only goal is to avoid using dangerous OTC drugs like Advil, Excedrin or Ibuprofen, then that works. But if you want to be truly healthy, your goal should be to be more holistic and not even get headaches in the first place.

A truly healthy individual should not get headaches at all.

So while using a natural product like essential oils will help relieve the symptom of the headache, it may not address the root cause of your health concern.

An example “root cause” of headaches that is common in Arizona is that of copper toxicity. (This is partly because of the Arizona water system and partly due to the increase use of copper IUDs) In this case, getting to the root cause and eliminating the copper toxicity with the proper nutrient would then fix the headache and would eliminate the need for peppermint oil altogether.

Another important thing to note is that is that if you have copper toxicity, you may also have other symptoms like brain fog, fatigue, mood swings, depression, anxiety, menstrual irregularity and pelvic pain. The peppermint oil may relieve the headaches, but it is unlikely it will provide permanent relief for the headache or for the remaining symptoms. Conversely, if you treated the root cause of copper toxicity, all of your symptoms would go away.

So far, everyone I know wants all of their symptoms to go away, their energy to improve and their self-confidence to sky rocket.

Continue to Part 2 for more info on why essential oils don’t work and what to do about it.

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