tulsi adrenal fatigue PCOS androgens

Tulsi Supreme

Tulsi Supreme is a powdered herb by the official name of ocimum sanctum. In popular culture we often refer to this as Holy Basil. In India it has been nurtured and utilized for thousands of years.

It is revered as one of the best herbs for physical, emotional and spiritual balance and healing. It is an adaptogen much like many of Supreme Nutritions products.

It is one of the best adrenal supports available. It is also good for blood lipids and can help increase HDL while decreasing total cholesterol, LDL and triglycerides as needed. Tulsi can also reduce uric acid levels, which can be beneficial for kidney stones.tulsi adrenal fatigue PCOS androgens

My Clinical Findings

Clinically, I have found that Tulsi acts as both an adrenal support and mood stabilizer. It has been very helpful in post-partum depression and mood regulation.

I have also found tulsi to be antiandrogenic, which means it can aid in conditions of excess androgens such as PCOS. Women with PCOS have also been found to have physiologically disturbed stress responses, which makes Tulsi a great product for PCOS as it addresses the stress and the androgens.

Tulsi Supreme does not seem to work in those that drink coffee or caffeinated beverages frequently.

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