Women’s Health

I didn’t start out with a focus on women’s health, but the need for a comprehensive approach to women’s health presented itself over and over again.  The mechanistic, one system approach doesn’t work well enough for enough women.  Too many women are stuck taking a pill for the rest of their life when often times it is not necessary if precautions are taken and a healthy diet and lifestyle are acquired.

Many of the symptoms of women’s health have been swept under the rug for many years due to their complexity and how common the symptoms occur. While many of the same issues affect men, like elevated estrogen or other hormonal imbalances, these issues seem to take a greater toll on women from libido to depression.

It is important for females to understand that even if you may have suffered from something your whole life and that all of your friends may suffer from the same thing, it doesn’t mean that it is normal or healthy.

A female that is optimally healthy should not suffer form menstrual cramps or back pain, she should not get irritable or emotional during her period and she should be able to conceive and carry to term if she desires.  If you suffer from any of these things, then you can be assured that something is imbalanced.  (Before you think I am picking on women, it is also not normal for men to belch and have flatulence all of the time! This is a sign of underlying dysfunction also.)

In my office I feel that my success has been mostly due to using a comprehensive approach, rather than any super-intelligence on my own part.  By looking for deep lying root causes, many symptoms resolve on their own and things like fertility, hormonal balance, happiness and energy can be restored.


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